Drupal Core Issue Credits

Get an issue credit for every core commit I make to Drupal Core for a month.

Benefit from a reliable stream of core contribution credits by sponsoring the time that I spend reviewing and committing Drupal Core issues. 

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In a typical month with some sponsorship I commit about 20 core issues, and I get a contribution credit for each one. When you sponsor me, all the Drupal Core contribution credits are attributed to your company. You can check the number of credits I got in the last 90 days on my drupal.org page.

How it works

For a month I will add your company as a customer in the contribution credit widget every time I make a Drupal Core commit. The issue credit will be displayed on your company profile, and will be used for the marketplace ranking during the next 90 days.

The subscription is renewed automatically every month. If you are not happy, you can cancel anytime and I will refund the time left on your subscription.

What's in it for you?

Sponsoring me can be interesting to you when:

  • You want to show your support for Drupal but you do not have the time to contribute to Drupal Core
  • You find that Drupal Core moves too slow and want to see more things happening faster
  • You want a better ranking in the marketplace listing

Get issue credits

Skip the hard part for and start getting issue credit in days, not months.

ex. VAT

  • Get 1 credit for every commit
  • Start gaining credits in days
  • Cancel anytime

Get started

Not sure? Reach out to me on #drupal slack, book a short call, or email me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many issue credit do you guarantee?

I can not contractually guarantee a minimum number of credit for the month. The work is based on the efforts of the community, if there are no issues to review and commit, I can not commit anything. The numbers above are an average. The more sponsoring I can secure, the more time I can spend helping others move issues forward to get them ready to commit.

Can I sponsor you for more than one month?

Yes. I'm happy to accept payment for several months at once instead of having a monthly payment. You can reach out to me on slack, email, or book a short call to discuss details.

Do I have to share issue credit?

Open-source is a team sport, by default everyone that contributes is credited. I can credit you exclusively with some conditions. You can reach out to me on slack or book a short call to discuss details.

Can I pay in another currency?

Yes. I can accept various currencies including USD, CAD. Let me know what you need.

Do you accept bank transfers?

Yes. if you have an IBAN number you can use a SEPA bank transfer directly from the existing payment form. If you do not have an IBAN, or are outside of the EU, I can accept SWIFT bank transfers. Contact me on slack or book a call for details.